Investment Criteria

Digital-enabled business models

Tech-enabled operation serving the traditional sector via a low friction interaction with end-customer

Compelling value proposition

Product offered is 10x better experience than Status quo

Blue-chip management team

Mission-driven entrepreneurs and industry veterans with deep industry knowledge and operational focus

Massive market opportunity

Large Total Addressable Market permits ample room to run and scale

Scalability and geographic expansion

Product, platform and brand with ability to swiftly enter adjacent markets and benefit from economies of scale

High barriers to entry and non-cash moat

Ability to create network effects, economies of scale, or other dynamics that lead to the development of sustainable "moats"

Strong unit economics and cash flow driven

Sound and sustainable unit economics with a prudent balance between profitability and top line growth

Ability to generate a suitable risk-adjusted return

Prudent entry valuation and reasonable path to exit to generate an attractive return for our investors